Top 10 essential items to bring when flying with Babies (carry-on)

by Jetlifebaby

Top 10 essentials when flying with Babies

All you Mom´s know its difficult to decide on what to pack when traveling, especially if you are going abroad. I know I feel that way and always over pack. However, I also think better overpack than under pack especially when it comes to flying with Babies to a foreign country.

We have been fortunate enough to travel with Havana since she was 2 months old and have been traveling every single month since. Over time I started making a check list of important things I needed while being on the road and in other countries.

After having traveled to 8 different countries by the time Havana was 1 year old, I pretty much became the source of knowledge amongst many of my friends and provided new parents with care packages of essential travel items. The package contained items you don’t usually receive as gifts at your Baby Shower, but are extremely important and you only realise you need them when there is a problem.

Traveling to a foreign country

Especially when you are in a different country you don’t want to panic and run around trying to find these things. I think this was another reason for starting a blog, so that I can redirect them to a site. I know when becoming a Mom  time is of the essence, so if I already had something written up for friends then I could easily send them the link rather than re-writing everything:)

Top 10 Carry-On Essentials for flying with Babies:

  1. Baby Thermometer. Click here
  2. Travel Size Baby Paracetamol/Ibuprofen – I personally would bring Paracetamol and Ibuprofen along, as Paracetamol never brought down my daughters fever as a baby. These need to be prescribed by the doctor. If they give you the bottles that are over 100ml you can not bring them on the plane so UK readers you can buy the smaller bottles at the airpot at Boots. US readers I believe at Walgreens or CVS & Canadian readers at London Drugs. For Babies under 3 months it is not recommended to give them anything and to simply take their clothes off so that their temperature regulates itself. Immediately call the doctor if your baby is under 3mo and has fever.
  3. Nose Frida (snotsucker) & Saline drops. Click here
  4. Baby Teether/Pacifier (or another item that helps soothe your Baby)
  5. Nappy Rash Cream – Metanium Brand worked wonders for us. It was recommended to us by my cousin and clears up the rash in a matter of hours. Click here
  6. Sterilising Tablets – recommended to sterilise from birth to 6 months. When staying at hotels I also made sure asked if they have a kettle and if they didn’t would go to the hotel reception asking for boiling water so we could use that to sterilise the bottles in the hotel bathroom. These would only be needed on the plane if you are bottle feeding and taking a long haul flight.
  7. ´Teetha´ Teething Granules (very small sachet packets). I do not think you can buy these in the US and in that case I would probably bring teething gel.
  8. Emergency baby formula (powder). This wouldn’t apply to every mother but I found sometimes when travelling my milk supply was lower and when your baby’s got to eat she/he has got to eat. The powdered version is normally best for travelling as you don’t have a hassle at the airport. Although the airports do have a separate scanner where they can scan liquids over 100ml.
  9. Your Baby’s favourite snacks – if he/she is in the weaning stages and if you have layovers as many airports have a limited selection of baby foods.
  10. Change of clothes for you & the baby. 

Please do bear in mind that this list is will of course vary by parent and I didn’t include the obvious items such as nappies, wipes, doctor perscribed medication, etc 🙂 As ever baby is different your list might be completely different but some things such as thermometer, paracetamol are really important. 😉

It doesn’t happen to everyone, but when we were traveling from Brazil to Europe when Havana was 5 months old she got a fever on the plane so I was happy I had the paracetamol on hand. We of course stripped her of her clothes first, but it was a 10 hour flight and I was glad I had that with us. So keep that in mind as well when packing.

Now on the same note while you Moms are probably busy packing, I thought I would let you know of a great app that just launched in the US at the beginning of  February called Fly Baby App. Their aim is to help improve families´ travel experiences across the globe by allowing them to rent baby gear. Their product range is very diverse and you can find anything imaginable from portable high chairs to baby baths, car seats, strollers, etc.  As a mother who travels a lot, I am so happy this app exists as there are so many things I need to remember to pack when traveling and now thankfully I have one less thing to worry about 😉

I hope my comments and experiences are helpful to all Moms and I am open receiving feedback and hearing you about your experiences and useful tips.


Happy Baby Happy Travels



*Until the Blogs have been translated & posted please email if you would like to see them in German, Spanish or Portuguese.

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