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Top Tips for visiting the Cayman Islands with Babies

by Jetlifebaby

Xaia and I were lucky enough to spend four weeks in the beautiful Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman to be exact. At the time Xaia was 10-11 months and just starting to walk, so we had lots of fun exploring our new environment.

Here are our Top Tips for Cayman with Baby.

  1. It gets HOT! 

    Whilst I was there I went to the dollar section in Fosters (Supermarket) bought a spray bottle and filled it with ice water… When out and about… I used it to spray bubba and myself for an instant cool down! I also froze bottles of water so that towards the end of the day it was still cool.

  2. Cayman is SO expensive

    So bring extra nappies and formula, whilst you can buy UK and US brands – a small pack of Pampers (20) costs around $18 which is £18.  Even the budget brands set you back £12-15.

  3. Check out Camana Bay 

    https://camanabay.com/home-visitor/The water fountain provides hours of fun, one morning a week the Cinema has a free story time and song sessions… There are places for Ice Cream, Coffee or stronger – and whilst your baby naps you can shop! The bookshop is lovely too and has a small play area. And I nearly forgot – Starfish village is there too – you can just drop in and play! https://camanabay.com/grand-cayman-schools/starfish-village/

  4. There are beaches, Literally everywhere

    But my favourite one was RumPoint, https://www.rumpointclub.com/it’s a lovely beach. It has private showers inside so it’s easy to strip you and baby when your ready to go and wash off the sand… Gah, the sand literally gets everywhere. There’s a bar and restaurant – Its pushchair friendly, boasts lovely hammocks and the water is calm and shallow. In addition to that they have created a cove that babies can sit in – under some trees and play. The sand and rocks break the waves so that it is super calm and won’t push over baby.

  5. Other places to check out…ere

    National Trust http://www.nationaltrust.org.ky/little-explorers- Here the bubbas play, then sing, and then go outside in the forest area to look around.

    South Sound Community Centre Playgroup.  I have never seen so many toys – Lots of babies and toddlers and even more for them to do.Gymnastics http://motionsunlimited.com/ I had never been to a gymnastics session before – but it was great. Bouncy castle. Slide, trampolines, soft bouncy crash mats. The best place to fall over.

    Lil Monkeys Soft Play, Climbing frames, Ball Pits and Toys https://www.lilmonkeyscayman.com/ Great space for them to crawl and run about, and also has a baby only area. Tuesdays you get 2 hours for the price of 1.Turtle farm https://www.turtle.ky/ Here you can see dolphins, turtles, sharks, tropical birds and iguanas – you can also swim. It’s a fun day out.

In general, most places are child friendly during the day- there are so many beaches to check out. Local food is Glorious. And theres so much more to do and see, do your research, and most importantly enjoy! Don’t forget the sunhat and sunscreen.


Safe travels,


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