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My Story: Postpartum Depression & Breastfeeding

by Jetlifebaby

My Breastfeeding Story

The Most Amazing yet Challenging Experience

Having a baby is the most amazing experience and like people say it is definitely the most incredible and indescribable love. As I am quite the passionate and emotional person, I think my husband was very vocal about wanting me to get involved with the community and attend baby classes to ensure I don’t get depressed.

I am not sure if postpartum depression runs in the family, but my Mom informed me that she had it with my sister, who is younger than me and said it just hit her like a ton of bricks. And apparently it can affect 80% or more Mothers within the first few days after giving birth.

Having that been said there were times were I was just so overwhelmed and bursted into tears without even knowing why. Looking back at it now I think it was because I am a perfectionist I love her with all my heart and it was harder than I could have ever imagined.

normalise breastfeeding, fed is best, world breastfeeding weekMy Story: Postpartum Depression & BreastfeedingMy Story: Postpartum Depression & Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Challenges

I was having various issues with breastfeeding. My daughter (Havana) wasn’t latching, my nipples were hurting and bleeding. Havana was crying because she was hungry and I was crying because I felt like I was failing as a mother.

I have to admit the first few months were tough and nobody every tells you about these things. However, I persevered and continued breastfeeding her although painful, while topping her up with Formula to make sure she is full and getting enough milk.

During this time my husband and I went to various Breastfeeding support classes in East London and not until the 4th session did a support specialist there tell us that Havana had tongue tie. When they mentioned tongue tie all the symptoms added up: pain while breastfeeding, sore/bloody nipples, feeding took a long time, baby was still hungry after hour long feeds, etc. The specialist then immediately recommended us to get her tongue snipped, which we got done that same week and OMG breastfeeding was like night and day after that.

The pain went away and Havana and I could finally start bonding. I think that was a time where I started feeling better about myself and gained the courage to go out, attend baby classes and meet other Moms in our community.

Since I am a mother I have seen that breastfeeding is a very personal and touchy subject. I generally don’t try to give anyone advice in regards to breastfeeding, but I know that in the UK only 1% of women breastfeed exclusively so the Hospitals tend to pressure Moms to breastfeed. All I can say in regards to this matter is your baby can feel if you are sad or if something is wrong. The saying ´happy mama happy baby´ is so true. Therefore my suggestion to all Moms is to do whatever works for you and speak to family or friends about your struggles. We are all in it together and here to help.

If you are too afraid to speak to anyone about it call: US: 1-800-273-TALK UK:116 123

In my case I gave it a try, it wasn’t working properly and in the time that we were having issues I gave our baby formula as well until we figured out the problem. Because at the end of the day you need to be happy and the baby needs to eat. Therefore as long as you are happy your baby will be too.

I have forever grateful for my loving husband who was and continues to be so supportive through out this journey. I can only suggest to other Mothers who do not have a person to go to for these things to speak to the Hospital in your area about breastfeeding support groups and Baby & Mama activity groups. Having attended various baby activity classes such as baby sensory, mum fit, etc it helped me meet Mothers in the area whom I was able to reach out to for support as well.

I hope that me being open about my experience will help you or help you to open up to others in case of need. Feel free to reach out to us at any time hello@jetlifebaby.com


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