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Happy Within – English Hard Cover (Signed)


Happy within is a children’s book that will help children from around the world learn, appreciate self-love and embrace diversity.

The message of the book is to help provide children with the support and confidence to be happy with themselves and within their own skin. No matter where in the world they are from, whether the race, the background, etc. The book includes a diverse range of characters with the message that we should all love ourselves and support one another to be the best we can be.

This book is ideal for children between the ages of 2-6.


Happy Within is a part of a series of bilingual books.

It is a positive children’s book teaching them to be proud of themselves. Proud of who they are and of their uniqueness. Teaching that happiness is not dependent on others and starts with loving yourself. Only through self-love and believing in oneself it is possible to be happy within.

The bilingual versions of this book are to help children/parents learn another language together. Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese & Swedish editions have been published and additional bilingual versions to follow. Follow @lingobabies to stay up to date with new releases.

A letter to the readers…

I wrote this book to try to help prepare our children for the world we live in. As a mother to biracial children I wanted something that helps teach them that they are beautiful and that it is important to love oneself to be truly happy. To teach them that all children are special in their own way.

When I finished writing the book I didn’t want to keep it to myself, but share this message with other families, as it is an important lesson in life. It is equally important to begin speaking to children about race and acceptance early on and hopefully this book will help families start those conversations.


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