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Hi, Hallo, Hola…I Marisa, the founder of Jet Life Baby currently live in London, UK. I was born in Canada but raised in Germany and lived in Spain for 5 years prior to moving to London. My husband was born in Jamaica and grew up in Canada & the US. Before having kids we always loved to travel and would try to go somewhere every month. When I became mother to Havana (4 years) I saw a need and felt passionately about improving other parents experience while traveling with their kids.

The idea for Jet Life Baby came about while we were traveling through out North, South America and Europe in 2017. Our first trip was when our daughter was 2 months old and we have been traveling every month since. During our travels a lot of my friends who started having babies kept asking me how we were able to travel so much with our baby and asked to share advise in relation to the cities we traveled to as well as recommended products. I know a lot of parents are scared to travel with their kids. They are afraid of the unknown and they just stop traveling or even change their lifestyles completely. Through my posts and experiences on this Travel Blog I hope that I will be able to encourage these families to travel more and help improve their experiences.

My views are just because you have children does not mean you have to stop doing what you love, even if that means you love travelling. The world is just to beautiful.

After becoming a mother to biracial children I also saw the need to play my part in the fight against racial injustice. I noted the lack of toys & books available for kids and wanted to do something about it and so I wrote and published ´Happy within´. Click here to learn more..

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